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Terpsichore XXII Class Schedule

ClassroomA (Beginner)B (English Country)C (Italian)D (Miscellaneous)Middle Eastern
9:00 am
Calling all Callers!
10:00 am Walking With a Purpose 3-Couple Dances Getting to Know the Sequence Jouissance Vous Donnerai Open
11:00 am Penta Pentamere Onecastle, Twocastle, Oldcastle, Newcastle Joyous Dances Spanish Pavan Henna in Period and Beyond
Noon LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH Coding Your Dance Track LUNCH
1:00 pm Beginner English Country Choral Dances Joy and Jealousy French-English Fusion Fun Traveling Moves
2:00 pm Beginning 15th Century Italian Dances from the Blackcloak MS Yay, Cascarde Bouffens DANCING BETWEEN WEST(ern Europe) and (the Middle) EAST
3:00 pm Joyful Movement Dance Atrocities 2016 Italian Dance for English Feet A Dance Buffet Arabic Dance Basics

9:00 am - Calling all Callers! - Master Midair MacCormaic

You've learned a dance. Wonderful! You can even teach it. Fantastic! But when it is time for everyone to dance it, you are asked to “call" it. That is, tell everyone what step is coming up next while the dance is happening. Like learning to dance, and also knowing how to teach, “calling" a dance is another type of skill that can be learned, practiced, and mastered. For this class I will be teaching how to “call" dance. I'm picking a practice dance that has basic moves but isn't one of the standard ones so all of us can focus on how calling works and how it helps. I will give instruction and tips on how to call, and let people practice doing so. This class is especially useful for those who want to teach dance and run dance balls.


10:00 am: Walking With a Purpose - THL Sionnain O'Malley

Series of dances from the ball going over basic steps and showing how 'walking with purpose' works in the different dance genres.

11:00 am: Penta Pentamere - Gwenllyen the Minstrel, Baroness of North Woods
Dances: Black Alman, Montard Bransle, Petit Rose, Green Gynge, and Rufty Tufty

A variety of dances that the Barons and Baronesses chose to include in this set. They need less than four people to have a set (most are 2 people) to encourage every event to have dancing! A CD by Musica Subterranea will be available for purchase.

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Beginner ECD - Lord Maurin Lessault

The goal of the class is to give students the tools necessary to understand and quickly absorb new dances by learning the terminology, basic set configurations, and techniques needed for English country dance. Possible dances may include Gathering Peascods, Rufty Tufty, Jenny Pluck Pears, Fine Companion, and Millisons Jegge.

2:00 pm: Beginning 15th Century Italian - Sally Wrenne
Dances: Rostiboli Gioioso, Amoroso, Belfiore

3:00 pm: Joyful Movement - Cassandra of Cynnabar
Dances: Petit Vriens, Gathering Peascods, Black Nag


10:00 am: 3-Couple Dances - Lady Cecilia Della Rosa
Dances:Stingo, Jenny Pluck Pears, Burley Mariners

11:00 am: Onecastle, Twocastle, Oldcastle, Newcastle - Alexanderof Mistig Waetru
You’ve possibly heard of the old Playford dance Newcastle? But perhaps you’ve not heard of the new not-Playford dance Oldcastle! Newcastle is old, Oldcastle is new... make sense?

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Choral Dances - Lady Siri Toivosdotter

Dances that you can sing along with. If All the World Were Paper, Goddesses, Drive the Cold Winter Away. Sheet Music

2:00 pm: Dances from the Blackcloak Manuscript - Master Gwommy Anpurpaidh

Some of our favorite SCA chreographies: Pennsic Dance, Oncoming Pelican, Never Give Consent

3:00 pm: Dance Atrocities 2016 - Master Sion Andreas o Wynedd
What fun is dancing unless you can play with people’s preconceptions? This year we revisit Sion’s Italian country dances: beginning with the classic Sweet Nothings and then introducing a new dance, The Honeysuckle. Time allowing we will commit the ultimate sin against Terpsichore and stuffy purism and see if we can use the tune of a long-dead dance to do something new—and atrocitous.


10:00 am: Getting to Know the Sequence - THL Ginevra Boscoli

`The Sequence' is a miniature choreography that is used repeatedly in many Italian dances. Get to know this figure with La Castellana and Chiara Stella.

11:00 am: Joyous Dances - THL Sionnain O'Malley
Dances: Gelosia, Gioioso in Tre

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Joy and Jealousy - Lord Dunstan Bramblette
Dances: Contrapasso in Due, Bizzaria d'Amore

2:00 PM: Yay, Cascarde! - Mistress Alina of Foxwood

Dances: Gloria d'Amore and Giunto M'Ha Amore

3:00 pm: Italian Dance for English Feet - THL Gianna Vettori

Learn Gracca Amorosa using English Country Dance terms.


10:00 am: Jouissance Vous Donnerai - Mistress Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa

Jouissance vous Donnerai - Arbeau's bassedanse, a dance in Orchesography which used to be danced in the early days of this kingdom, but not in recent years.

11:00 am: Spanish Pavan - Mistress Alphia Biraz-Pars
Reconstruction of the Spanish Pavan from Arbeau's Orchesograpy - steps and styling.

12:00 pm: Coding your Dance Track - Lord Dunstan Bramblette

Do you program for a living or for fun? Need to get a dance accompaniment fast? Grab your lunch and join Lord Dunstan as he demonstrates Sonic Pi, an alternative way to get music coded quickly.

1:00 pm: French-English Fusion Fun - THL Darius the Dancer

Ealdormere is having internal strife. Help them bring peace to the Kingdom by merging French and English dances / styles. Minimal teaching. Some experience with Bransles and ECD would be beneficial.

2:00 pm: Bouffens - Mistress Felice Debbage

Sword fighting + dance = awesome. We will learn 2-3 verses of Arbeau's mock sword dance, "Les Bouffons," in preparation for a performance between ball sets. The dance is aerobic and moderately high-impact. Sets of wooden "swords" to take home will be available for a modest fee.

3:00 pm: A Dance Buffet - Baroness Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois and Baron Rannulf d'Aubraye

Can’t decide if you’re in the mood for an alman, an ECD, or an Italian dance? Then this is the class for you. Participants will be given options in each genre (previous plus bransles, pavannes, Gresley, and SCA choreography) and the dance with the most “votes” wins.


10:00 am: Dabke - A Line Dance

A middle eastern line dance, traditionally danced at weddings, for children and kids of all ages.

11:00 am: Henna in Period and Beyond: Mistress Asalah al-Hina

An introduction of how and where henna was used within the SCA period as well as the basics of modern henna application and design.

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Traveling Moves - Sayyida Fatima bint al-Rabii

Come learn some basic traveling moves and fun combinations to carry you around the dance floor or the bonfire. Previous dance experience helpful but not required.

2:00 PM: DANCING BETWEEN WEST(ern Europe) and (the Middle) EAST- Susan Kirschner

Village and Roma (Gypsy) dances from Macedonia and Bulgaria. Explore the odd meters and different styling and feel of dances from these areas. Dancers of all levels are welcome. Instructor: Susan Kirschner (Studied in former Yugoslavia, France and NYC with master teachers and performed with the Tomov Yugoslav Folkdance Ensemble in NYC. Sometimes known as “La Bella Zitella”)

3:00 pm: Arabic Dance Basics - Baroness Simone Marie Genevieve Fornneau

Open to all levels of experience for lords and ladies of all ages. Review of the basic Arabic dance elements with a focus of moving with the music.

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