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Terpsichore XXIII Class Schedule

ClassroomA (Beginner)B (English Country)C (Italian)D (Miscellaneous)
9:00 am
Midair Teaches Anything you Want
10:00 am If You Can Walk, You Can Dance Two New-ish Dances Gresley Dances
11:00 am The Inns of Court - Guillaume di San Marino Penelope - A Ribbon Dance F is for Fun Cascarde Fun Dances for 6
Noon LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LGBT Friendliness in SCA Dance
1:00 pm Bransles Step by Step Even More Dance Atrocities Gracca Amorosa Galliards
2:00 pm Beginning 15th C Italian Intermediate English Country Two Dances from Il Papa Pentas Prior
3:00 pm Beginning English Country Dance Playford Favorites Alternative Interpretations Penta Pentamere

9:00 am: Midair Teaches Anything You Want! - Master Midair MacCormaic

Welcome to Terpsichore! For this class, I am happy to teach you anything you want. And not just in the art of dance, but also in any subject you wish. Have a question about another art form? Ask. Questions about service? Ask. The martial arts? Bring it. I will provide answers, and I am looking forward to have a fun time learning with you.


10:00 am: If You Can Walk, You Can Dance - Lady Chaya-Simcha bat Yona

Have you heard about all these neat dances people are doing? Are you worried that your passing familiarity (or lack thereof) with dance might not be enough to help you through? Do your eyes glaze over when someone says “spezzato” or “bransle double?” Fear not! If you can put one foot in front of the other and count to four (maybe eight, if we want to challenge ourselves!), you can learn to dance! We'll learn the basics with Sellinger's Round and Black Nag.

11:00 am: The Inns of Court - Guillaume di San Marino

The Inns of Court Alemans are simple English dances anyone can use to show their social prowess as they enjoy the company of their partner.

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Bransles Step by Step - Master Conrad Marin von Kessel

After starting with the easiest bransle, new ones will be taught by introducing one new step each time.

2:00 pm: Beginning 15th C. Italian - Lady Magdalena Vogelsang

Learn some of the less complex and more beginner friendly Italian dances. Dances will include: Rostiboli Gioioso, Anello, & Amoroso.

3:00 pm: Beginning English Country Dance - THL Sionnain O’Malley

Come learn some simple English dances including Half Hannigan, Hit or Miss, Chestnut, and Burley Mariners.


10:00 am: Two New-ish Dances - Lord Alexander of Mistig Waetru

English Washerwoman and Beautiful Joy

11:00 am: Penelope - A Ribbon Dance - Master Gwommy Anpurpaidh

A fun new choreography from the Blackcloak Manuscript for 8 dancers with ribbons.

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Even More Dance Atrocities - Master Sion Andreas o Wynedd

What? Atrocities again?! Uncle Sion, have you no shame? No sense of propriety? Hmm, that would be “No” and “No”. This year Uncle Sion has two more English dances that are more Italian than you’d imagine, or is it vice versa? I can never keep the two straight.

2:00 pm: Intermediate English Country - Master Daniel de Lincoln

A class of mid-level English country dances including Lull Me Beyond Thee, Old Mole, If All the World Were Paper, Hey Bryn Gwlad.

3:00 pm: Playford Favorites - Lady Sally Wrenne

Picking of Sticks, Scotchcap, and Lord of Carnavan's Jegg: three Playford dances that never get old.


11:00 am: F is for Fun Cascarde - Mistress Alina of Foxwood

So are many other letters, but this class covers 2 cascarde starting with F, Fiamma d’Amore and Florido Giglio, from Caroso, Il Balarino (1581). Fiamma is an adorable flirty dance that is also a great introduction to cascarde, being reasonably short and repetitive, but containing many common step sequences. It is a good warm up for Florido, which has many fun and interesting figures and works well not only as a social dance, but as a showy performance piece.

12:00 pm: LUNCH

1:00 pm: Gracca Amorosa: Italian Dancing for English Feet: THL Ginevra Boscoli

2:00 pm: Two Dances from Il Papa (ca. 1510) - THL Roselyne de l'Estrangere

Try a couple of early 16th-c. Italian dances! This transition repertoire features new-to-us dances with elements of both 15th- and 16th-c. dance. Not truly physically demanding, but come with warm knees and ankles.

3:00 pm: Alternative Interpretations - Mistress Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa

Come try out some different reconstructions of 16th century dances, Villanella and Lo Spagnoletto


10:00 am: Gresley Dances - Master Daniel de Lincoln

English dances from the late 1400s. Armyn, Ly Bens Distonys (Gaita - the “longer” version), Orynge, Prenes on Gre and Sofferance.

11:00 am: Fun Dances for 6 - THL Sionnain O'Malley

A collection of great dances for 6, including Whirlygig, Chestnut, Gelosia, and Furioso as time permits.

12:00 pm: Food for Thought: LGBT Friendliness in SCA Dance - Lord Alexander of Mistig Waetru

Lunchtime Discussion

1:00 pm: Galliards - Mistress Felice Debbage

2:00 pm: Pentas Prior - Lady Sally Wrenne

Ready to learn the Penta Pentamere dances? Did you know we had some from last year, too? Come for a quick refresher on Petite Rose, Grene Gynger, Black Nag, Montard Bransle, and Rufty Tufty

3:00 pm: Penta Pentamere - Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel

A variety of dances that the Barons and Baronesses chose to include in this set. This year will include Bizzaria D'amore, Petit Riens, Contra Passo, Ofiicial Bransle, Dargason, and Gathering Peascods.

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