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The Royal A&S Competition

Do you make things that you can eat or drink or see or hear? If so, King Edmund wants YOU! His Majesty will be hosting a fantastic and fierce A&S Competition at Pentamere 12th Night. Bring your best work and your highest scholarship!

All artisans of the kingdom are invited to participate.

You do not have to be present to enter.

All items must be checked in by 11am, NO exceptions. A registration table will be set up in the hallway near where the entries can be displayed.

Documentation is required and is strictly limited to two pages.

There are three categories
· Something one can ingest (Food, Drink-non alcoholic, Etc.)
· Something one can hold or use (Artifacts of any kind)
· Something one can do (Performances, Songs, Dances, Etc.)

Winning entries will be decided by Their Royal Majesties, after being judged by a panel of experts based on scope, artistry, creative authenticity, and scholarship.

Please keep in mind that this is a DRY event, and the site does not want to have alcoholic beverages present.

This should be the artisan's best work. You do not need to enter all three categories.

TRM will select the best entry from each category as well as the best entry from among all the entries, and proclaim their fame throughout the land.

Rules are fairly open, and creativity is encouraged.

Their Royal Majesties look forward to seeing the works of our talented populace!

If you have any questions or concerns about the competition you may contact Mistress Halla via Email at kmoas@midrealm.org.

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