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Pentamere Dirty Dozen (4D)

Once again I come to you with a challenge to make largesse for your Kingdom, your Barony, or your local group! Open to all gentles in the Knowne World, thePentamere Dirty Dozen Donation Derby (Largesse Tourney) returns on January 7th, 2017 at Pentamere Twelfth Night, and I encourage you to start working on your entries now. You do not need to be a member of Pentamere to enter, and the prizes are fantastic!

The 4D is a great way to have fun making items for donation while also getting accolades for displaying your pieces at an event and winning prizes!! Yes, some of the largesse you create will be directly used as prizes in the competition itself, to encourage the creation of more awesome largesse, most of which goes on to the group of your choosing.

To Enter: Create 12 items based on a theme, which can be anything, from 'stuff I made on Monday nights' to '13th Century Germanic Ladies Accessories.' The primary rule of entries is that the items must be tagged (your name/group, donating to...) and ready to be given out as largesse immediately.* This is not an A&S competition – no documentation necessary! Each entrant will decide where they are donating the largesse (Kingdom, Barony, Shire, etc).

Prizes: (Must be present at 3:30 pm to win)
1. Prize Cache: 1 item from each dozen will go into a prize cache, and each entrant will get to choose 1 item at the end of the tourney! I will draw names from a hat to determine the order in which people choose their item. So you will take something home with you, just for entering!
2. Populace Winner: Entries are voted on in a bean count, and the winner is the entrant with the most beans. The populace winner gets 1 item from each of the other competitors!

3. Baron(ess)/Baron(ess) (and Royal) Choice: Each pair will also get to pick a winner. Those winners get to choose 1 item from 3 other entries.

4. Gamer's Choice. To fit with the event theme of medieval gaming, if you make a set of largesse with a gaming theme, the Autocrat might choose you to win the Gamer's Choice (pick 1 item from 3 other entries to take home as a prize).

5. Over the Top Award: For anyone who does 6 solo entries (that’s 72 items!), you will receive a commission from a volunteer prize maker!

Intimidated by the idea of creating 12 of something? Grab 11 other people and do a group entry! Can't think of something to make? Speak to Royals or your Baron(ess) about what they’d like for largesse!

Looking for ideas or information?

Pentamere Largesse Tourney FB Group:
FB Group for other SCA largesse tourneys (lots of pictures for inspiration!):
Photos from last year:

I'm still looking for Over the Top prizes. It can a be single cool item that you've made prior to the event (last year we had an awesome cloth satchel with a dragon machine-embroidered on it), or an offer of a commission with whatever stipulations you want in it (what type of thing you're offering to make, what supplies you are willing to provide or whether the winner should provide certain supplies, any restrictions on size or design, etc). Contact me or post in the Pentamere Largesse Tourney FB Group about it.

A couple caveats for those wonderful people traveling from outside Pentamere: If the largesse is being donated to a local group outside Pentamere or a kingdom outside the Midrealm, you will need to provide transport to get it to the people it's being donated to. In order to win the prizes, you (or a representative for you) needs to be at the event from 4 - 4:30 pm to choose the prizes for you. If you win the Over The Top award, be aware that most of our OTT prizes are commissions from people with Pentamere, so you may have some more coordinating to do in order to get that done from afar.

Host: Lady Birke die Jägerin (wyndsung@gmail.com)

*There have been questions about tagging your items. My understanding is this is not commonly done in the Midrealm, but is in many other Kingdoms. I encourage you to add a small tag to each of your items, with your name and local group on it, so that those who eventually get your items can know where they came from. Sometimes Kingdom largesse is given to other Kingdoms, and it is often desired to know who made the items.

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