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Twelfth Night Feasts

Both a traditional feast and an "off-board" potluck are available in the evening.

Feast is only available as part of the "Noble's Pass" (see registration)

Location: Upstairs (Great Hall)

Feast Menu

A German Feast for 12th Night

Based off 16th century German books of cookery Baroness Hannah presents for your dining pleasure a splendor of holiday tastes and tradition.

First course:

Brote und butter (Bread and Butter) V

Wurst (Pork and veal sausages with herbs)

Harte Eyer (Seasoned Hard Boiled Eggs) V

Cucummern Rettich Salat  (Pickled cucumber and radishes salad) V

Mostrich (Whole grain mustard) V

Second Course:

Gruen Feldt Salat (A green field salad with pomegranate seeds) V

Hünre und Lahs in Teyge (Pastries with salmon and chicken flavored with sage and anise)

Morach Machen (A baked mushroom pastry with green herbs) V

Bonen Frieusieren mit Speck (Sautéed beans with bacon) V

Rindfleisch Knödel mit Kirschen (A meatball made of beef, pork, raisins, and spinach served with cherry sauce)

Third Course:

Gút Lembratten (Beef roast marinated in wine and Christmas spices)

Served with piper or ginger sauce (on the side)

Gesotten Zwibelsalat (Cooked onion dish with currents) V

Rote Ruben (Roasted beets pickled with horseradish and other spices) V

Knoedel (Dumplings browned in butter) V

Rot Häuptkraut (Braised red cabbage with apples) V

Fourth Course:

Lebkuchen (A traditional German holiday spice cookie) V

Torten von Epffel  (An apple and raisin tart spiced with cinnamon and sugar) V

Sugared nuts (Sugared and spiced almonds) V

Marzipan garnishes (A shaped candy made of almond paste) V

V = indicates dish is (or can be made) vegetarian for the table

Dishes are subject to change due to ingredient availability.

Dishes are subject to change due to ingredient availability.

Please email Baroness Hannah with any questions or concerns about allergies. (dawnlsinclair (at) gmail [dot] com)

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