The Barony of Cynnabar celebrates


Sunday Dec 2, 2018
2:00 pm to 10:00 pm (see schedule below)
(Court to be held at 7 pm, or at the pleasure of Their Excellencies)
Wayne County Fairgrounds
10871 Quirk Rd, Belleville, Michigan 48111
Directions and Map to the Wayne County Fairgrounds

Donations appreciated


Come and be a part of Cynnabar's renowned Winter Revel!
The harvest is gathered in! And, though the darkness comes early and the north wind flutters our brave banners, warmth and merriment are still to be found around the Yule fire and in the halls of feasting.

Things to do:

  • Socializing
    The most beloved part of Wassail is visiting! There will be plenty of time and space to catch up with friends and to greet new people.
  • Lighting of the Yule Log
    We bid good bye to the old year and secure good fortune for the new year by lighting the Yule Log. Join us for singing and sharing stories around the fire!
  • Dessert silent auction
    Bring your denarii, groats, and dirhams (that is to say: cash) to bid on the creations of the talented Cynnabar bakers. Proceeds to benefit the Friend of the Barony Scholarship Fund.
  • Gaming
    Board games will break out! Learn a new game or teach a favorite game. Fun for all ages.
  • Dancing!
    The best part of the afternoon: Mistress Alina will lead and teach dancing. All levels are welcome to join the dance.
  • Cynnabar Potluck
    Time for feasting and toasts! Please bring a dish to pass: main dishes, salads, casseroles, finger foods, breads, desserts, and beverages are all welcome! Offer a tried and true crowd-pleaser or try your hand at a period dish. Don't forget to display a list of ingredients. There is a full kitchen for warming or assembling dishes, and several outlets for Crockpots. The Fairgrounds IS a wet site but requires that we keep all alcoholic beverages inside the building.
  • Baronial Court
    The highlight of the evening is the Court of Their Excellencies Cynnabar. Court will open at 7 pm (or at a time of Their Excellencies' choosing). If you have any award recommendations, please contact Their Excellencies directly by November 25.
  • Special visitor
    Weather permitting there may be a visit from a famous northern dignitary. Have you been naughty... or nice?

Things to bring:

  • Your SCA membership card (blue card). Though there is no gate fee we are asking members sign in and non-members to sign waivers.
  • Your garb! This a regular SCA event and period garb is strongly encouraged. (If you need to borrow garb items please contact the event steward by November 25).
  • Feast gear (there will be a limited quantity of picnic supplies available).
  • A potluck dish to pass (don't forget to include a list of ingredients and serving utensils). There is a refrigerator available for our use.
  • A dessert auction entry (also needs an ingredients list).
  • A craft to work on.
  • Period-themed board games or cards.
  • Flameless candles.
  • Snacks to get you through the anticipation of dinner!
  • Your dancing shoes!

Important reminders:

  • If you are bringing a minor that is not your own child please be sure to follow the guidelines here: Youth Policy.
  • No open flames in the Dining Hall. This means: no "real" candles, flambeing, or buffet heating fuel.
  • The Fairgrounds recently painted the interior of the Hall and they request that we do not use any kind of tape on the painted surfaces.
  • The site also recently added acoustic panels, and requests that we do not pin or tack anything to the grey panels.
  • All alcohol must be kept inside the Dining Hall.

Schedule of the day (subject to change):

12:00 pmSet-up (all are welcomed to arrive early to help!)
2:00 pmEvent officially opens
All dayGaming, crafting and socializing
2:30 pmLighting of the Baronial Yule Log (weather permitting)
5:00 pm (appr) Announcing the winners of the dessert auction
5:30 pmPotluck dinner
7:00 pmThe Court of Their Excellencies Cynnabar
10:00 pmEvent ends; begin clean-up
11:00 pmClean-up is finished and the site closes

Event Steward: THL Aeffe Torsdottir / atorsdottir [at] gmail [dot] com)
Deputy Steward: THL Godhit of Cynnabar

"Wassail, n. A salutation used when presenting a cup of wine to a guest, or drinking the health of a person, the reply being 'drink-hail'" - OED

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