One of the main goals of this event is to involve the populace while we’re all at home! Everyone is invited to participate in two ways: 

Before the Event

Cast your vote for the combatants and help them gain a higher seed into their tournament by earning “Renown Points.” An online poll will be presented a week prior to the event. Be sure to check back here or follow along on our facebook event and help your favorites rise to the top!

Voting will open on Nov. 1 and close on Nov. 6 (the day before our LIVE event!) Please check back for the link.

During the Event

Spectators will be invited to take a chance on their favorite combatant while the event is running live. Each player will be given a set amount of “Renown Points” to play throughout the evening. Odds and stats for each combatant will be listed in advance on the Tournament page. The winner will be the one with the most points at the end of the tournament.

Please note: No forms of currency will be exchanged for game play. Everyone is welcome to participate at their own freewill. Participants will need to register and create a unique username and password to participate. The populace is highly encouraged to register for the “Populace Game” in advance of the event in our “Castle of Renown.”

Preregistation will open approx a few days prior to the event. The link will be posted here when available.