A Grand Day of Tournaments

November 3, 2018                       at the Barony of Cynnabar

Illustration from page 74 of Alte Armatur und Ringkunst


All tournaments are subject to change.

***Very Important Society Rules:

All fighters MUST present their blue card, authorization card and site token at the list table before signing in to fight - THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO "VOUCHING" FOR FIGHTERS.

Also, note that we will be strictly enforcing the Society appearance standard rules for combatants upon the field: All authorized combatants and warranted Marshals shall disguise, cover, or remove modern corporate logos and sport gear unless necessary for medical reasons. Special attention should be paid to appearance and the atmosphere of a medieval event should be maintained.

Armored Combat
9-10am Sign ups/inspections/authorizations.
11am Novice Tourney. This will be conducted Atlantian Speed Tourney style. (Novice defined: - no Kingdom martial combat awards / no martial combat tournament wins.)
12-4pm Grand Armored Tournament of Cynnabar. The signature contest of our day of tournaments! Conducted as in years past, this FOUR HOUR Pool tourney stages unrelenting action down to 16 combatants for a double elim tree! Test your mettle ... and *metal*... before the assembled gallery and Gambling Pit.
4:30pm LIONS vs the Persecuted Faithful! A most exciting and lamentable gladiatorial contest will be held featuring TWO grisly and terrifying lions versus a field of courageous warriors numbering 4-6 pathetic victims!

Rapier Combat (view full schedule)

  • Dagger Valhalla
  • Dice Tourney
  • Anonimo
  • Warlord Tournament
  • Grand Tournament
  • Bear Pit Tournament
  • Pickups and authorizations
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    November 3, 2018

    Liberty School
    7265 N. Ann Arbor Road
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48176
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    Gate opens at 9:00 am
    Event closes by 7:30 pm

    No alcohol, smoking, or drugs allowed on site.

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    by Meister Hans Talhoffer in 1459
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