The Barony of Cynnabar presents

Grand Day of Tournaments - Virtual Edition

Most gracious patrons of the Midrealm: Know that all are invited to join the Barony of Cynnabar as we present a Virtual Grand Day of Tournaments event!

This event will feature a theatrical show centered around a fantasy-like tournament with armored combatants from the history of the Middle Kingdom (Legends!). The show is a play-by-play performance describing the tournament as though our announcers were right there observing all the action. We'll also include sideline details direct "from the field" and other special appearances. While the combatants are real people – we will not be judging or commenting on their relative prowess. We hope you enjoy the sports-like commentary as if this were an actual SCA tournament and participate by sharing your Renown Points with the Legends. 

Visit our populace game page for more details on how you can play along at home. And, be sure to tune in LIVE ON FACEBOOK as we run the tournament the day of the event!


Nov 1 - Nov 6 Take part in the poll to determine combatant “Renown Points!”
Nov. 7 Play along at home with our Populace Game
Nov. 7 Live event kicks off at 7:30 pm (EST)


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