The virtual event will run as a single elimination tournament. The list will be seeded based on the combatants’ legendary status and “Renown Points” earned from the populace poll. The populace poll will be issued the last week of October to determine the number of “Renown Points” for each combatant. 

Remember to visit our Populace Game page to learn how you can help make your favorite legends rise to the top!


The full list of our Midrealm Legends will be presented mid-October! We are in the process of making invitations and receiving permissions for our legends. Please check back soon for the complete list. The outcome of the tournament will be determined by rolling dice. 

How we'll determine who wins:

  • All Legends are considered equal
  • A 10-sided die (D10) will be rolled to determine how well they do in combat (Yes, we will literally roll dice during the performance.)
  • The Legend’s “Renown Points” will determine a modifier bonus to the combatant with the most renown: +(Larger_renown / smaller_renown), to a maximum of +3.
  • After rolling the die for each Legend, the bonus will be added to the person with the greater “Renown Points.” If it is a tie, we will reroll with the same bonuses. We will actually use the ties and dice roll differences to help us in discussion of how the fight went.
  • To be clear: All Legends are considered equal in prowess. The renown has a small effect on the outcome. It is a fantasy show that has no basis in reality – and is meant for fun and entertainment.