A Grand Day of Tournaments

November 2, 2019                       at the Barony of Cynnabar


In days of old, Heralds would serve tournament holders and knights. From advertising the days events and setting up bouts, to negotiating ransoms and announcing their lord's prestige, Heralds were a vital part of the pageantry that made the tournament the social event of the medieval period. And more importantly, they got paid to do it!

Use your gambling tokens -- provided with your site fee -- to "purchase" the services of our heralds to praise your favorite fighter or to entertain the populace. Ask a herald for more information their fees and skills!

You could boost a man at arms confidence by recalling past deeds on the field. You can help rally the crowd in support of your employer as he takes the field. You can persuade the gamblers to bet for your patron instead of his opponent! We don't want to just cry out who fights next, but also bring a sense of romanticism and grandeur to the day's events.

Heraldic Consultation - Heralds will be available to consult with you on your name, device or badge. Some research materials will be available for you to use.

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Liberty School
7265 Saline-Ann Arbor Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Gate opens at 9:00 am
Event closes by 7:30 pm

No alcohol, smoking, or drugs allowed on site.

Site designed by Genoveva von Lübeck and inspired by Alte Armatur und Ringkuns
an illustrated manual of martial knowledge
by Meister Hans Talhoffer in 1459
Book images courtesy and copyright of
The Royal Library, Denmark

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