Terpsichore Grand Ball

Based on the class list, dances that will be in the ball include:

Black Nag

Picking of Sticks

Upon a Summer's Day

Burley Mariners

Rufty Tufty

Heart’s Ease

Gathering Peascods

Jenny Plucks Pears

Puzzle Box (or Parson's Farewell)

Goddesses (or Faith and Hope)


Petit Riens


Rostiboli Gioioso

Petite Rose


Vita di Cholino

Black Alman

Fee Ra Huri

Montarde Bransle

Bransle suite (Cassandra Pinagay Charlotte, War, Aridan)

Contra Passo (Chigi)

Gracca Amorosa (or Sweet Nothings)



Bizzaria d’Amore

Maraviglia d’Amore

Bella Gioiosa

Musicians are welcome to play for the ball!

All sets are open to all interested musicians who are comfortable playing dance music at dance tempos on any instrument.

Most dances will use the music available from Pennsic Pile 46.

There will be a practice at the event (time TBA) open to all musicians. Attendance at the practice is encouraged but not required for musicians who wish to play in the ball.

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