Award of the Tower's Foundation

Awarded to Master Derian le Breton (modernly known as Brian Ferguson)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2018-08-08

Kasha and Ermenrich, Baroness and Baron of Cynnabar, greetings to all those to whom the present letters may come. Let it be known to all of you that Derian le Breton has held offices in the name of the Barony of Cynnabar for a long time without any claim against him, and he has given alms and perpetual toil to the same Barony in Our presence.

In gratitude for this service, We grant unto him Our Award of the Tower’s Foundation. And further We grant unto him the tilled-land and meadow upon which his house now stands, binding Ourselves with oaths to put aside Our claim to the land and field completely and to guarantee their security for Derian le Breton against all comers.

As testimony of this matter, We caused these letters to be drawn up and to be strengthened by Our signed names. Let none countermand Our words.
Adapted from court records of a dispute involving the Cathedral Chapter of Notre-Dame of Chartres (1221). Translated by Richard Barton (1998) from Cartulaire de Notre-Dame de Chartres, ed. E. de Lepinois and Lucien Merlet, 3 vols., Societe archeologique d'Eure-et-Loir (Chartres: Garnier, -1865), no. 218, 2:77-78.

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