Baronial Dance Workshops

"There is nothing so necessary for men as dancing...Without dancing a man can do nothing...All the disasters of mankind, all the fatal misfortunes that histories are so full of, the blunders of politicians, the miscarriages of great commanders, all this comes from want of skill in dancing..." 
                — Moliere's Dancing Master

Come learn dances from Renaissance Italy, France and England! No experience necessary -- all dances will be taught. Styles range from the rustic bransles of France to the elaborately choreographed balli of late 16th-century Italy to the country dances of Jacobean England. To learn more about Renaissance dance, visit Del's Dance Book or the SCA Dance home page.

Dance practice are currently somewhat irregular due to University of Michigan construction. Please see the calendar below for upcoming practices.

Parking for practices held at the University of Michigan is available in the Palmer Commons garage or on the street.

If you would like more information on opportunities to dance with Cynnabar, please e-mail our Dance Master.  You can also sign up for our dancing mailing list for information about dance events.

In the interest of public health and at the direction of the Kingdom Seneschal, all practices and events are cancelled until further notice.

Dance Booklet

The Barony of Cynnabar's dance booklets from Terpsichore at the Tower are available here:

Terpsichore XXV Booklet

Older Booklets:

Terpsichore XXIV Booklet

Terpsichore XXIII Booklet

Terpsichore XXII Booklet

Terpsichore XXI Booklet

Terpsichore XX Booklet

Terpsichore XIX Booklet (With Cover - 1.8MB)

Terpsichore XIX Booklet (No Cover - 358K)

Terpsichore XVIII Booklet

Terpsichore XVII Booklet

Terpsichore XIV Booklet