Office of the
Mistress Kay of Tre Asterium

I am Kay of Tre Asterium. I became Seneschal for The Barony of Cynnabar in April AS 49.

Many years ago a Middle Kingdom Seneschal said, "It is the duty of the seneschal to determine the will of the group and give the appropriate orders." I like that concept. It is not up to me to determine where Cynnabar shall go from here; it is up to me to help all of you go there.

Below you will find several topics related to the position of seneschal for the Barony of Cynnabar.

About the Seneschal

Business Meetings

Cynnabar Traditions

About me

I entered Our Society in AS 8 at the All Hallows event in the Barony of the Northwoods. I had first become aware of the Society when the Detroit Free Press ran a story (with pictures of Yang the Nauseating, Bork the Indestructible, Baron Sir Thorvald inn Grimmi of Northwoods, various knights and ladies…)

When I see my old records I shall try to determine just when I was the seneschal for Cynnabar the first time, before Cynnabar became a barony. I know it was after May, AS 19, because my return to Society activity after marrying and getting my culinary career started was at the Coronation Cynnabar held for its native son Duke Eliahu ben itzak, and his Queen, Elen.

My deputy is Lady Ceara Mhuirghease Fhaoláin. She is a kind and service oriented person so if I am unavailable for some reason, please feel free to contact her if needed.

What is a seneschal

A lot of times, the SCA uses historical terms for things. So if you think of a groups set of officers in the modern world (president, treasurer, secretary, etc.) A seneschal is basically the group's president. A seneschal is a facilitator of policy and procedure from local level to corporate activity and is the legal representative of the group.

What a seneschal does

My personal philosophy about the office is that a seneschal should be an enabler. They should allow the group/people in the group to do what they want and make sure they have the support they need and also to ensure they are following proper procedures and rules within the SCA (and mundane rules as well). A seneschal should try to work with the group to make sure things run smoothly and help mediate any issues or discussions. They should also go with what the majority of the group wants to do, even if it is against what their personal viewpoint is. A seneschal should also try not end sentences with prepositions. The other aspect of being a seneschal is keeping up with the paperwork aspect of the position, including making sure all reports (officer and event) are being done in a timely manner and that the other group officers are fulfilling their duties as well.

Seneschal keys

The key is the symbol for the office of seneschal. It represents that they have "the keys to the castle" and are responsible for all within. In Cynnabar, there is a set of seneschal keys that is handed from seneschal to seneschal. From the founding of Cynnabar, every seneschal has added their own key to the Baronial key-ring. There are now 13 keys on the key-ring.

Seneschal lineage

Along with the keys Finn wanted to document all of the past gentles who have held and served this office over the past years. I , Kay shall try to add to that work, as soon as I figure out when I served last. The list will be filled in order of succession.

  • Baron Daibhid Ruadh MacLachlan (first Cynnabar seneschal)
  • ...
  • Kay of Tre Asterium circa 1995
  • ...
  • Bjarki Bjornson 2009?-2012?
  • Finn Finnegan O'Flynn 2013-2015