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Bjarki Bjornson   &   Valka Íansdóttir


What is a Baron or Baroness?
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What is a Baron or Baroness?

Barons and Baronesses are officers of the Barony who are appointed by the Monarchs of the Middle Kingdom for a five-year term. As the Barons, Our responsibilities include:

  • Representing the Monarchs to the Barony when royalty are not present. It is Our duty to swear fealty to the Monarchs, support Their goals, and uphold and enforce Kingdom laws within the Barony. We also carry information from the Monarchs to Cynnabar's populace and, in certain instances, present awards on behalf Their Royal Majesties.
  • Representing the Barony to the Monarchs. As representatives of the Barony, We travel to events around the Kingdom. We give regular reports to Their Majesties on the state of the Barony and communicate Baronial concerns and opinions to Them. It is Our responsibility to recommend members of Our populace to receive awards from the Monarchs, and it is Our privilege to host Them when They are within Cynnabar's borders.
  • Supporting and leading the Barony. We work with Baronial officers and others in the Barony to recruit new members and address the concerns of the current populace. We support and attend Baronial events, meetings, and practices. We encourage and recognize good works and helpful acts within Our borders, and We appoint Champions to represent and lead the populace.
  • Fulfilling ceremonial duties appropriate to Our rank. As Barons, We bear the titles of Our rank and use the Baronial heraldry to identify Ourselves. Certain regalia, such as the ancestral Baronial coronets and thrones, are reserved for Our use. We have the privilege of establishing and presenting awards specific to Cynnabar.

Contact Information

Please feel free to email us with any questions, issues or suggestions.
Bjarki Bjornson
mka Dennis Watson
(734) 891-1052
Valka Íansdóttir
mka Jenny Watson
(307) 421-6828

Mailing Address
11740 Scio Church Rd.
Chelsea, MI 48118

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We hope you find the following resources helpful:

Baronial Champions

Archery Champion
Armored Champion
Sir Gregoire de Lyon
Arts & Sciences Champion Rapier Champion



About Bjarki and Valka

Captain Bjarki found Cynnabar and the SCA at the Saline Celtic Fest. 

Valka has been part of the SCA since she was young, as her parents became part of Cynnabar in the 80's.


Baronial Progress

The table below is a list of all of the events that Baron Bjarki and Baroness Valka are expecting to attend. This list will be updated regularly.





Spring Revel

April 21, 2024 Cynnabar Ann Arbor, MI
Aethelmarc War Practice May 16-19, 2024 Shire of Steltonwald Slippery Rock, PA
Crown Tournament May 25 North Oaken Findlay, OH
North Oaken War Maneuvers June 8 North Oaken Wellington, OH