Office of the
Lady Diamante Colombino

The "Exchequer" is the Treasurer of Cynnabar. They are responsible for handling the group's money. 

Communication/Reimbursement Policy

My preferred method of communication is email. You can expect a response from me within 3 days.

For getting reimbursement/advancement checks, I attend at least two business meetings a month. Cynnabar's checks require dual signatures, so if you need a check from me, please contact me prior to the business meeting to confirm that I will be in attendance and that there will be a second signer at the meeting. 

If you need a check sooner than the next business meeting you will need to coordinate with me and another signer. The other current available signers are Mistress Giovanna (our Seneschal), Lady Beth (our Deputy Treasurer).

2024-2025 Budget Proposal

Budget July 2023 - June 2024

Budget July 2022 - July 2023 (approved April 28, 2022)

Financial Policy

2024 Financial Policy update proposal

Financial Policy FY 23-24

Midrealm Exchequer's Handbook (March 2017)

Financial Reports

Monthly Meeting Reports

Yearly Financial Reports:

Cynnabar Financial Resources

Public Financials

Baronial Inventory | Policy for using items from the Barn

Event Proposals/Budget/Reports

List of Expense Approvals

Making Tax Exempt Purchases

Notes for Event Stewards

After an event, an Event Report must be filled out and sent to the Regional Exchequer. Since the Event Steward knows what all of the expenses were for a given event, and because the Event Steward is partially responsible for the filing of the event report, the event steward will reach out to set up a meeting with the Cynnabar Exchequer within one week after the event. At the meeting the event report will be filled out together. Receipts for event expenses should be presented at the post-event meeting. Below is a blank version of the Event Report form. The Exchequer will fill out the budget sheet per the info on the approved proposal, as well as the gate information. 

The Exchequer will also handle the sending of the waivers to the Waiver Secretary and will inform the Event Steward that this has been done. 

Blank Event Report Form