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Notes for Event Stewards

After an event, an Event Report must be filled out and sent to the Regional Exchequer. Since the Event Steward knows what all of the expenses were for a given event, and because the Event Steward is partially responsible for the filing of the event report, a meeting will be arranged with the Event Steward and the Cynnabar Exchequer within one week after the event. At the meeting the event report will be filled out together. Receipts for event expenses should be presented at the post-event meeting. Below is a blank version of the Event Report form. The Exchequer will fill out the budget sheet per the info on the approved proposal, as well as the gate information. 

The Exchequer will also handle the sending of the waivers to the Waiver Secretary and will inform the Event Steward that this has been done. 

Blank Event Report Form