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You and your children are welcome!


If you currently have a questions or concerns not answered on this page, please contact the recent Youth Officer, Bantiarna Ceara,



The Barony of Cynnabar is currently looking for a Youth Officer.

If you are interested in this position, please contact the seneschal.

If you have office specific office related questions, our previous Youth Officer is more than happy to assist you. Bantiarna Ceara,

Duties and Responsibilities of a Youth Officer

  • Keep the Barony up to date on law and policy changes that happen within the Kingdom and Society.
  • Upkeep the current Baronial Youth Officer webpage
  • Provide young members with educational opportunites and engage them in SCA activities suitable for their ages.
    • While you can be, you do not have to be the Coordinator that works with youth and runs youth activities at events/practices/meetings (It is up to you where and when youth activities occure by contacting the proper people holding the event/practice/meeting)
    • Youth point can be ran several ways as long as a few simple rules are covered.
      • A background checked person acts as the Youth Coordinator of the specific event.
      • There must be TWO unrelated adults there at all times.
    • Examples of what you can do to manage activties at events:
      • Be the Youth Coordinator and run all activities that happen in at youth point.
      • Be the Youth Coordinator and have two adults signed up at specific times to over see youth at Youth point
      • Be the Youth Coordinator and ask people to teach specific topics and bring a second adult with them. (This format is ran in the way arts and science classes would be held for adults.)
      • Have someone else with a background check run all activities that happen in at youth point.
      • Have someone else with a background check have two adults signed up at specific times to over see youth at Youth point
      • Have someone else with a background check ask people to teach specific topics and bring a second adult with them. (This format is ran in the way arts and science classes would be held for adults.)
  • Enlist the aid of other group officers, members, and others to support planned activties.


Information for newcomers

Children in the SCA: An Introduction for Newcomers - Honor and Victory blog by Genoveva


Activity Resources

BaronyKids - Step-by-step activities, page maintained by Cynnabar MoY

Historical Toys and Games


Garb your family!

Facebook Children's Clothing Exchange Group

Elizabethan Smock Generator - Put in the measurements, add some trim and you have simple and pretty garb for your little people!

Viking Tunics



Pennsic for kids!



It Takes A Child to Raze a Village - Held in Howell, MI



Who is considered a youth in the SCA (USA)? 

Any Minor under the age of 18 is considered a youth. 

What is there for youth to do in the SCA?

There is a lot for our kids to do in the SCA. They can do the same things that adults find enjoyable, with very few exceptions. My goal is to find ways to adapt activities to include our youth in historically accurate, engaging, and youth-safe ways. I've often found a number of adults joining in on youth activities as well!

My goal is to teach, help and encourage our SCA youth to try new things and discover what they love. I do that by offering opportunities to show our kids how to do something that is historically accurate or use a modern day technique to teach kids about things they need to know being part of the SCA (A water balloon fight used to teach the meaning of "lay on" and "hold".) There are many youth in our Barony that also love to teach their peers new skills they have learned as well. Either way, our kids get involved and have a great time!


When are forms needed for children attending an event?

Waivers are required at events. Events are any function announced in either a branch, kingdom, or principality newsletter or other communications made on official social media sites, e-lists or e-newsletters. In this case it includes any place where combat related activities will occur and a youth is actively participating in those activities. Specifically excluded from the definition of an event are business meetings, demos, guild meetings, dance practices, or planning sessions, as long as no combat related activities are involved. If you have any questions, please let me know.

What forms are needed for a child to attend an event?


If fighting the minor will also need:


*All waivers are only good for the event itself. They do not carry on. The Medical Authorization form may be filled out for specific dates when filled out properly.






  • No minor may attend an event if under the age of 18 without a parent/legal guardian/Adult with a (notarized OR witness having seen the signing of) medical authorization form from minor’s parents.
  • A parent is responsible for the supervision, care and well-being of their children at all times. As well as their behavior. They must check on their child periodically to ensure their safety and suitable behavior. They are responsible to disciplining the them. At no time are they to leave the sight without their children. 
  • There is no Day Care at events or during activities (This is Society Law). Though parents may have their own baby sitters for their children.
  • No Adult/older teen can be left alone with a child during youth activities.
  • Minors under the age of fourteen are not suitable for child minders/baby sitters.
  • Minors must be signed out by a parent/legal guardian no later than fifteen minutes after the posted close of the activity.
  • Coordinators may, at their discretion, refuse to admit a child into children’s activities or require their parent’s presence if they have any concerns about the ability of a child to play appropriately or behave themselves.
  • "All official or 'published' SCA Youth Activities must have one background checked adult member who acts as the official 'coordinator' for the SCA Youth Activity. For example if there are 10 youth A&S classes each in their own separate classroom, each classroom needs to follow the '2 Deep Rule' but there only needs to be one overall youth 'coordinator' responsible for the all activity in all classrooms." Seneschal’s Handbook April 2014 Edition, Revision 1.5 
  • Two adults, unrelated by blood, marriage or personal relationship must be present for up to ten children. 
  • Bathroom runs must be with two adults to one child, one adult and two children, or everyone goes. If a child goes to the bathroom on their own, they must sign themselves out and back in. No four of five year old may go by themselves.

More information can be found at the Midrealm Youth Page.