The Barony of Cynnabar has many benevolent and talented individuals whose time and skills greatly contribute to our success and renown. The Baron and Baroness enjoy the opportunity to recognize these gentle people with baronial awards. The awards given out within Cynnabar's borders are:

  • Defender of the Tower - for dedicated service in and to the Baronial Levy as well as skill at arms. Defenders are permitted to paint the towers on their Baronial shields gold instead of silver to show their rank.
  • Award of the Elephant's Heart - An award of general recognition given to those who have been of service or shown their enthusiasm and love for the Barony.
  • Award of the Elephant's Tusk - given to those who have displayed excellence and authenticity in a chosen field. These people make you say "wow".
  • Order of the Silver Tower - currently the highest level award for excellence in service to the Barony in any area. This is generally an award that is determined by polling the order.
  • Award of the Tower's Foundation - Our mid-level award for service to the Barony and its populace
  • Award of the Tower's Light - for excellence in the arts & sciences
  • Order of the Tower’s Watch – given by the most recently created Watchman to someone who has shown continual commitment to the Barony. Members of the order are permitted to title themselves Watchmen of the Tower.
  • Award of the Argent Buttress - given to persons outside the Barony who nonetheless have provided great service and support for the Barony of Cynnabar.

Who do you know in the Barony that has done great things? Created great art? Done some service? Has great prowess on the field? We're looking to know who you admire in the group and would like to hear your suggestions for Baronial Awards.

Please send Baronial Award recommendations to Their Excellencies (baron AT cynnabar DOT org or baroness AT cynnabar DOT org). Don't know what to say? Just follow this simple format:

Unto Your Excellencies of Cynnabar, Baron Ermenrich and Baroness Kasha, Greetings from (your name)

I write to you because I have been very impressed with the (tell about what the person has been doing) of (title and name of the person you are recommending). I have seen him/her (more specific examples of the reason you are recommending the person) and so I would like to recommend that s/he be be considered by you for (name of the award).

In addition to myself, the following Lords and Ladies wish to add their own signatures in support of this recommendation.

Thank you for your consideration. Yours in service,

(your name)

Or, click here to send email with this template.