Company of the Defenders of the Tower

For dedicated service in and to the Baronial Levy as well as skill at arms. Defenders are permitted to paint the towers on their Baronial shields gold instead of silver to show their rank.

Awarded by the Barony of Cynnabar

Name Date Received
Straum von Bairzog (modernly known as Dave Ross) (Unknown) Details
Tairdelbach ua Conaill (modernly known as Art Sinclair) 2000-08-19 Details
Mathias Westlake (modernly known as Matthew Stewart-Fulton) 2002-08-15 Details
Dirk Jomsvikingr (modernly known as Dirk Mayhew) 2002-08-15 Details
Arnolde Frederycke (also known as Slyme) (modernly known as DeForest Piper (Deceased)) 2005-08-19 Details
Galen O'Conaill (modernly known as Paul Kreuger) 2007-12-07 Details
Jasen Irenfest (modernly known as Jason Jeppesen) 2011-08-14 Details
Uillic MacLamont (also known as Uillec Lamont) (modernly known as Kevin Lemon) 2011-08-14 Details
Gregoire de Lyon (modernly known as Greg Less) 2012-04-28 Details
Hjorleif Ottarsson (modernly known as Andrew Tomlinson) 2012-04-28 Details
Lord Johannes Robbertszoon (modernly known as John Wilkerson) 2012-04-28 Details
Birke die Jägerin (also known as Elß die Jägerin zum Birke) (modernly known as Kelly Carnahan) 2013-04-28 Details
Godhit of Cynnabar (also known as Eliza Fletcher of Chelmsford) (formerly known as Godaeth se Wisfaest) (modernly known as Elizabeth Gray Calhoun) 2013-12-14 Details
Baron Malachy Von Ulm (modernly known as Jeff Haas) 2015-08-05 Details
William of Cynnabar (modernly known as Tim Lane) 2016-08-16 Details
Dag Thorgrimsson, called Blackwolf (modernly known as Jeff Skevington) 2017-05-13 Details
Aurelio Vitrisoni (also known as Harkin of the Moorlands) (modernly known as AJ Lanphere) 2017-10-14 Details
Midair MacCormaic (modernly known as Charles Cohen) 2017-12-16 Details
Aeffe Torsdottir (modernly known as Margaret Kelly) 2018-08-08 Details
Thomas Throckmorton (modernly known as Thom Dowds) 2018-08-08 Details
Charles Gotzfürboter (modernly known as Hunt Charles French) 2019-06-01 Details
Dillon ap Dillon 2019-06-01 Details
Finn Finnegan O'Flynn (modernly known as Dennis Higgins) 2019-06-01 Details
Yaacov Ben haRav Eliezer (modernly known as Jacob Finkelman) 2019-08-07 Details
Baroness Jorun Aragunrsdottir (formerly known as Gillian de Chelseye) (modernly known as Melissa Silsby) 2021-10-24 Details
Bjarki Bjornson (modernly known as Dennis Watson) 2023-08-09 Details

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