Baroness Jorun Aragunrsdottir (formerly known as Gillian de Chelseye) (modernly known as Melissa Silsby)

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


First Event: Baron Wars, 2003. First Pennsic: 2004. First SCA persona: Gillian de Chelseye, a 14th century woman from England. Joined Clan MacEoghain in 2008(?) under Chieftan Mistress Radegund von Lutra. Current persona: (in garb) Jorun Aragunnrsdottir, a 10th C. Hiberno-Norse settler in Dublin, Ireland. (In armor), still Jorun, but a Heroic Age warrior from Valsgärde, Sweden. Authorized in sword and shield in November 2012. Armored combat Champion for Barony of Northwoods, Maximilian & Gwenlylln, in 2013. Pledged fealty with the Talonval lance unit to the Barony of Cynnabar: August 2018 In fealty as a squire to Sir Jasen Irenfest as of June 2019. Armored Combat Champion for the Barony of Cynnabar first for Kasha and Ermenrich, and continuing to our current Barons Malachy & Olafr, as of June 2019. Made a Baroness of the Court of Iohann & Martine of the Kingdom of The Outlands -during- Their Majesties of the Midrealm Edmund & Kateryn's court at Pennsic in August 2019. Marshal-In-Training as of October 2019. Barony of Cynnabar's Group Knight's Marshal as of November 2019.

I'm a modern professional tailor in Jackson, MI. Grew up in Mason, MI on a family farm. Attended Northern Michigan University and Lansing Community College.

Activities and Interests

Armored combat, sewing, embroidery, tablet weaving, event staff service, research on Viking Age household items & customs

Food Preferences

No food allergies. Likes: black kona coffee, craft beer, lime LaCroix, white can Monster Energy drinks, meat, eggs, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruit, nuts, anything spicy, Goldfish crackers, peppered beef jerky. Dislikes: black licorice/anise liquors like ouzo, mint & chocolate together (separate is fine), catfish & other very "fishy" fish.

Award Name Date Received
Award of Arms 2008-07-08 Details
Award of the Purple Fret 2011-02-12 Details
Order of the Willow 2013-06-15 Details
Award of the Elephants Heart 2018-12-02 Details
Baronial Armored Champion 2019-06-01 Details
Order of the Evergreen 2019-06-15 Details
Court Baron / Baroness (Kingdom of the Outlands) 2019-08-08 Details
Company of the Defenders of the Tower 2021-10-24 Details

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