The Barony of Cynnabar is hosting the following upcoming events and demos:

Spring Revel - April 14, 2019

Spring Revel is a low-key, local event, where the Barony of Cynnabar gets together to eat and socialize, make a few announcements, and have fun. It's a good opportunity for the people of the Barony to gather all in one group. Think of it like a picnic!

St. Cecilia at the Tower VIII - June 8-9, 2019

Come forth and be inspired by the patroness of music at this event devoted to helping musicians of Renaissance and Medieval music. Musicians of all abilities are welcome, as are non-musicians with an interest in pre-1600 European music

A Grand Day of Tournaments - November 2, 2019

To all Royalty, knights and gentles of cote armor, greetings. Know that upon the second day of November in the two thousand and nineteenth year of our Lord, by leave of Their most noble majesties, a Grande Tournament will be held in the Barony of Cynnabar. All gentles at arms are invited to present themselves in proper panoply for a day of festivities and combat à plaisance. There shall be many festivities and sport for both warrior and spectators alike - including our ferocious lion, youth activities, games, and the gambling pit.

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