Hey Cynnabar! We know that you're itching for meetings, classes, practices and more! While we know it's not enough, we're hoping it will help take away from the blues. This is why we're announcing....

Cynnabar University and Showcase

After a lot of discussion this week and the realization that we could be home for a while, we want to make sure the people of the Barony continue to support one another. Your Chatelaine, Social Media, Herald, Arts and Science, Armored Combat, and Rapier Marshals have pulled together to create a program that we are very excited to get started! Their Excellencies, Seneschal, and Exchequer have all been contacted and support the Barony in this endeavor. We'll be releasing more information and sign up for both the University and Showcase tomorrow! Before we get into the difference, a few things to note:

  • There will be support for Zoom for those who need it. It can be used on phone, tablet, laptop, or PC, but is easiest to use on a laptop or PC with webcam.
  • Society policy does allow for officially-sanctioned online activities!

Without further adieu, I present to you the information you've been waiting for! Cynnabar University will be open on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (Exceptions through the week can be made if we need to!) This is your chance to host a formal class on a topic you'd like to share with others. While this can be pre-recorded, we do have a system to use so that your classes may be live! The Barony is currently subscribing to Zoom. Everyone who wants access to it, will have access to offer a class. See below information on what Zoom can provide. Regardless if live or previously recorded, our current plan is to host classes at a specific time and release them at a later to-be-determined date. This is to encourage baronial participating and connection to attending Baronial meetups. Links to the classes will be announced through the Baronial mailing list and on our Facebook group. Some classes may only be available through Facebook. These will be noted.

Cynnabar Showcase is going to be less formal. These do not need to be signed up for. You are welcome to have them pre-recorded and uploaded. You can also use Facebook/YouTube to record and upload as well. Zoom will also be available if you sign up for the program. Cynnabar Showcase offers other opportunities for groups to meet, such as Scribal days, Bardic Circles, and more. (like classes, we can work these on weekends if need be.) Specific topics may be announced each day to encourage participation, but this does not restrict what you may present. We do encourage you use #CynnabarShowcase when posting so that everything gets linked into one spot! Note: Most of this activity will be found on our Facebook group. You should be able to see the page but if you are not signed up on Facebook, you will either need to create an account or contact us via email to have someone to submit your work there.