Godhit of Cynnabar (also known as Eliza Fletcher of Chelmsford) (formerly known as Godaeth se Wisfaest) (modernly known as Elizabeth Gray Calhoun)

Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers

Argent, a loaf of bread proper transfixed by a sheaf of arrows gules.


Godhit of Cynnabar (once known as “the learned” or “smarty” in Anglo/Saxon pun of “wisfaest”) lives in the moment of Anglo-Scandinavian peace of King Edgar’s reign (ca. 955), in Winchester, England, in business with her trading partner Aeffe Torisdottir. Together they compose illuminated scrolls and play music, make cheese and brew beer. || --- || Eliza Fletcher of Chelmsford was born into a late Elizabethan Puritan family (ca. 1570) whose ancestral trade of arrow-making comes down from the time of the Normans. She enjoys a quiet mug of beer by the fire in winter and long walks in the warm woodlands of summertime. As her name implies she is an archer and arrow-maker and happy to show others both those pursuits.

I was originally a medieval history major at Michigan State University in the late 1970s where I first encountered the SCA. Born in Flint, Michigan, I am now an Ann Arbor "townie," having lived most of my adult life here.

Activities and Interests

I study medieval English law, Romano-British history, and medieval numismatics and economics. I'm a trained National Weather Service SKYWARN Storm Spotter and a lifetime member of Michigan Audubon.

Food Preferences

I generally prefer fare familiar to early modern English people: whole grains, nuts, root vegetables, cheese, fish, some beef, venison when I can get it, pork rarely, poultry often. I only occasionally eat out BUT I have a real appreciation for south Indian and spicy Mexican dishes. I bake my household bread -- two loaves every two weeks.

Award Name Date Received
Award of Arms 1978-01-14 Details
Award of the Elephants Heart 2011-12-17 Details
Award of the Purple Fret 2012-09-29 Details
Award of the Tower's Foundation 2013-04-16 Details
Order of the Dragon's Barb 2013-11-16 Details
Company of the Defenders of the Tower 2013-12-14 Details
Award of the Tower’s Light 2016-12-10 Details
Order of the Greenwood Company 2017-02-04 Details
Order of the Willow 2017-05-13 Details
Royal Augmentation of Arms 2017-09-23 Details
Order of Towers Watch 2018-09-01 Details
Award of the Purple Fret 2019-11-02 Details
Order of the Evergreen 2023-06-17 Details

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