Order of Towers Watch

Given by the most recently create!d Watchman to someone who has shown continual commitment to the Barony. Members of the order are permitted to title themselves Watchmen of the Tower.

Awarded by the Barony of Cynnabar

Name Date Received
Bantiarna Ceara inghean Mhuirgheasa (modernly known as Stephanie Bates) 2013-12-14 Details
Baroness Kasha Alekseeva (modernly known as Carol Perry Lagemann) 2014-04-28 Details
Uillec Lamont (modernly known as Kevin Lemon) 2014-08-16 Details
Meisterinne Genoveva von Lübeck (modernly known as Jennifer Marx) 2015-10-25 Details
Edwarde Alforde Yorke (also known as Eadræd of Alforde) (modernly known as Michael E. Rice) 2017-04-01 Details
Godhit of Cynnabar (formerly known as Godaeth se Wisfaest) (modernly known as Elizabeth Gray Calhoun) 2018-09-01 Details
Lord Johannes Robbertszoon (modernly known as John Wilkerson) 2018-12-02 Details

For updates and corrections, please e-mail precedence@cynnabar.org. Include your SCA name, modern name, awards to add, and date received.

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