Company of the Defenders of the Tower

Awarded to Yaacov Ben haRav Eliezer (modernly known as Jacob Finkelman)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2019-08-07

We in courts amuse Ourselves with poetry and music but are inexperienced in the art of war. Thus from ancient times noble houses have furnished military commanders. In striking those who rebel against the Barony, they have had the honor of being known by the Court.

In like manner is the prowess of Yaacov Ben haRav Eliezer acknowledged throughout Cynnabar. This man surpasses others in ability, his spirit is intrepid, and he is a powerful drawer of a strong bow, a virtuoso in fitting and shooting arrows. In the craft of attacking castles and in the art of striking enemies he excels. There is no bird that flies the sky nor beast that runs on ground that does not fear him.

Thus We, Kasha and Ermenrich, Baroness and Baron of Cynnabar, call him a member of Our Company of the Defenders of the Tower, an honor in this life and a remembrance in the next.

Let none countermand Our words.
Based on excerpts from Hò„gen Monogatari (Japan, c. 1320).

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