Order of Saint Barbara of Cynnabar

Given to persons outside the Barony who nonetheless have provided great service and support for the Barony of Cynnabar. Formerly known as the Award of the Argent Buttress.

Awarded by the Barony of Cynnabar

Name Date Received
Bartholomew MacMollen (also known as Brother Bart / Bertholmeu MacMolan) 2015-10-25 Details
Kata Aragunnrsdottir 2016-08-16 Details
Rosalyn MacGregor (modernly known as Patricia Rayl) 2018-09-01 Details
Siri Toivosdotter (modernly known as Jo-Ann Sheffer) 2018-12-02 Details
Keah 2019-06-01 Details
Kestral Altara von Barton 2019-06-01 Details
Temur 2019-06-01 Details
Baron A'indle O'Diarmada (modernly known as Mark Meyer) 2023-04-15 Details
Baroness Alianor bat Asriel (also known as Aliyah) (modernly known as Marilyn Meyer) 2023-04-15 Details

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