Order of Saint Barbara of Cynnabar

Awarded to Kata Aragunnrsdottir

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2016-08-16

Kata Aragunnrsdottir, come forth! We, Ermenrich
and Kasha, have a bargain to speak to thee about.

We know that thou art a great warrior, a good
woman and true. It seems to Us that thy peer is
not to be found far or near. Thou hast given to Our
people the sweat of thy brow and the fruits of thy
labor. Good are thy gifts, but thy friendship is still
more worth. Now We will give thee gifts in return.

There is no need to wait long before thou hearest
what We give Our word thou shalt have. Thou shalt
have Our Award of the Argent Buttress, and a
token of Our esteem beside, which We will give
thee; and Our wish is, that thou shouldst never
look to any one else than to Us if thou standest in
need of anything. Lean on Us as much as thou
likest, and stay with Us as long as thou wilt.

This exchange is witnessed by the people. Let none
countermand Our words!

Adapted from Njáls saga (Icelandic, 13th century).

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