Baronial Thrones

Built by Baron Conal (from The Barony of the Flame). Escutcheons from original thrones refurbished by Master RanthulfR. Stained/Carved/Assembled by Lambert. Escutcheons are from the original thrones, built by Baron David.

Each throne has different carvings on the arms. When Tairdelbach and Hannah were Baron and Baroness, they positioned them so that the towers were on the outside (providing protection and the foundation of the barony) and the flowers were between them, signifying the love between the two. Based on a Glastonbury chair design, they made their debut at Terpsichore 2011. The chairs are made of oak and the crowns are embellished with gold leaf.

Leather Coronets

Made by Birke die Jagerin. Commissioned during the reign of Tairdelbach and Hannah.

Modeled after the brass ones. Created in 2012/2013. Made so that Tairdelbach could easily bring a coronet to the battlefield without worry of loss of the brass one when fighting.

Metal Coronets

Made by Persephone. Designed by Dag, Osheen, and Baron David. Commissioned as original regalia upon the creation of the barony.

Made of brass, synthetic pearls, and enamel elephants from a custom mold. People thought they were really tall when they were created. There are three in total. The third one in a larger size was created upon Gregoire's and Giovanna's elevation.


Created and gifted by THL Dana Grochenydd from the Shire of Talonval in 2013.


Commissioned by Claire and made by Gregor. Gifted during Kasha and Ermenrich's reign.

Bone and Chain

Toe Bone: Found by Tairdelbach. A relic of St. Cynnabarius, who was stepped on by an elephant.

Chain Link: Found by Jasen Irenfest by river shore at practice. Presented to Tairdelbach and Hannah. Cleaned by Alex Smythe. From St. Cynnabarius' chain mail, it was awarded for acts of heroism or bravery during Tairdelbach and Hannah's reign. Recipients bore the chain for the only the day of the acts/award.


Book - Cinnabar by Edward Bryant (Bantam Books, 1982)


Presented by Lambert

Herald's Baton and Scabbard


Made by Oswin (aka Quagmire). Given during Pennsic 42 (2013) during Hannah and Tairdelbach's reign.

Based off tradition of heralds having a white stick as identification. Made of black walnut wood on a lathe. Created because the artist noted that the prior herald had been using a furniture leg and he felt the Barony needed something more substantial.

Cynnabar Cornerstone (Rock)

From Dag. Part of the original regalia the year Cynnabar became a barony (along with plot of soil and war banner). The rock allows Cynnabar to hold a traveling court since you can't have baronial court if you aren't on your own land.

Kneeling Pillow

Made by Ilse during Hannah and Tairdelbach's reign

Kneeling Rug

Made by Giovanna and Mistress Melisant (and a large team of painters). Debuted at Wassail 2014. Displays the personal arms of all past and current Barons and Baroness of Cynnabar.


Gift from Middle Kingdom to each Barony at Pennsic 2010. Created by incipient Barony of Ayreton (in Chicago) when they became full-status - The hexagonal pole came with the banner. Every barony has one.


An original Shire banner that was refurbished by Genoveva (circa 2011). The black tower and leaves might be original.

Rapier Shield with Coronet

Shield with Coronet (reserved for use by the Baron or Baroness only). This is a rapier melee shield that was created by Straum and painted by Hannah.

Rapier Champion's Shield

Round rapier shield for the Baronial Rapier Champion created by Lucien Featherstone and commissioned by Fujiname in 2014.

Rapier Champion's Cloak

Made by Hannah, Ilse, and Helena

Rapier Champion's Sword and Holder

The pommel is a twin to the Armored Champion's.


Durhelm and Stand

Made by Dur. Painted by Oswin, who also made the stand. One of the first Baronial loaner helmets. Added during Tairdelbach and Hannah's reign.

Archery Champion's Bow

Made by Bearden.

Tournaments Book

Log book made by Gregoire to track monthly tournament winners. He started the tradition of logging the winners in this book.

Herald's Folder

Gift from Wealdlake (of Northwoods) when it became a full-status Canton.

Banner with Pentamere Arms

Pillows for Thrones

Commissioned for the backs of the original thrones

Baronial Cloaks

Made by Mistress Raella and Lady Rosalyn for the Investiture of Straum and Ute. Made when the barony was moved to full-status.

Viking Style Banner

Made by Genoveva while she was Baronial A&S Champion during the reign of Ragnvaldr and Arabella

Original Feast Gear & Storage Bags

Commissioned by Straum. Made by Rosalyn MacGregor.

Cynnabar Wassail Plate

Made by Lambert during Ermenrich and Kasha's reign.

Cynnabar Baronial Arms Picture

Made by Lambert during Gregoire and Giovanna's reign.

Cynnabar Mug

Given as a gift to Tairdelbach and Hannah.

Armored Champion's Surcoat

Surcoat made by Hannah, Helena, and Ilse

Armored Champion's Sword, Scabbard, and Baldric

Blade gifted by Tairdelbach originally (2000). Pommel, hilt, and cross guard made by Alex Blacksmith (2007). Scabbard made by Midair (2008). Baldric made by Dirk Jungsviking (2002)

Arts and Sciences Champion's Lantern


Lantern: Gifted by Tairdelbach and Hannah during reign

Staff: Made by Mistress Arina while Baronial A&S champion (2011)

Arts and Sciences Champion's Hood

Made by Birgitta the Weaver while Baronial A&S champion (2012)

Travel Thrones

Gift from Jasen Irenfest of Talonval before he moved here, circa 2001.  Retired at Cynnabar's Ruby Jubilee in 2018.

Baronial Arms for Pennsic Gate

Used to hang on the gate at Pennsic. Made by Baron Dabhid.