Cynnabar Traditions

This page documents a number of ways of doing things in Cynnabar that are usually followed, but are not formal rules of the group.

Event proposal procedure

One of the items that is done many times a year but which is not written down is how Cynnabar decides to host/support what events. Things have been done "traditionally", but I feel that that process should at least be written down so everyone knows what it is, how it works and is on the same page. The process on how we do things in our Barony should not be a mystery nor hard to find, especially for new people who do not know what that "tradition" is.

So for events, here is the general process:

  • A potential Event Steward (a.k.a. Autocrat) will determine they want to run an event. It can be a traditionally held event (i.e. Terpsichore or Wassail!), or it can be a new event for to the Barony.
  • The Event Steward will put together an event proposal. This will include possible event site, proposed budget, who will be fill major staff positions and general idea/theme of the event (i.e. archery event, A&S event, etc.)
  • The event proposal will be brought forward at a Baronial Business meeting for the group to hear and discuss.
  • As events (normally) have budgets, the event must go through the Barony's financial approval process of discussing at three meeting before rendering final approval (or denial).
  • Once the Barony agrees that it will support the event, the Event Steward will be granted funds to secure the site (if deposit is needed) and move forward with the event.

Some notes/thoughts on this, from Finn Finnegan O’Flynn:

An event proposal does not have to have every little detail worked out, but should have all the major ideas/positions lined up. For example, the full list of who will man every shift of gate is not needed, but the person in charge of gate should be identified.

Also, if the event is going to be on the Kingdom calendar, the event proposal should be done as early as possible. This is for a couple of reasons. First is to get it into the Pale (our Kingdom newsletter). The Pale submission deadlines are due on the 20th of each month two months prior to publication. So if your event is September and you want to make sure you have an ad in the Pale for October's issue, you need to have the add submitted by July 20th. With the Barony's 3 meeting approval process, you should be submitting the event proposal to the Barony in June at the absolute latest. However, keep in mind that there are many other groups in the regional as well and the Kingdom calendar fills up fast. So the farther out in advance you can plan an event the better. It also helps with finding free weekends for many of the sites we rent as they also fill up with other groups renting them as well.

This is not meant to discourage anyone from wanting to run an event, but just to make sure that they are aware that a successful event requires good planning well in advance.

If the event is a local event (like Wassail!) that does not need to go on the Kingdom calendar, then the timing is less critical. The key restraint I believe would to be sure to have the event approved far enough in advance to get the funds to secure the event site rental.

Length of terms of offices

Officers usually hold their offices for 2-3 years, step down as a new officer steps up or volunteer to remain in the office (normally if no one else wants the position). For required offices (Seneschal, Exchequer, Herald, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Marshal, and Chronicler), when an officer wants to step down another officer must be found to fulfill the duties as these officers are required by Kingdom law.

For non-required offices, such as Minster of Youth, Archery or Chatelaine, an officer who no longer wishes to continue in the office can just step down. If there is no one willing to take up that position, then the office an remain unfulfilled/empty until someone volunteers to step up.

Approving officers

Anyone that wants to serve as an officer of Cynnabar goes through the normal "3-meeting discussion/approval process". This way the group has a chance to ask questions, get answers and discuss the candidate(s).