Award of the Tower's Foundation

Awarded to Alexey (modernly known as Alexey Bachmanov)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2019-08-07

Were it not seemly to us, brothers and sisters, to begin in
ancient diction the tales of Alexey, Alexey Bachmaov?

For the wise Alexey, when he wishes to fashion a work for
the people, in his thought flies in the trees, races like a
gray wolf on the earth, soars like a dusky eagle beneath
the clouds. He recalls the words and the dissentions of the
early times. He does not sing his own songs, but lays his
wizard fingers on the living stone and wood, which then
themselves sing out praises for the people.

Therefore We, Ermenrich and Kasha of Cynnabar, grant
him Our Award of the Tower’s Foundation. Let none
countermand Our words.
Adapted from Slovo o pŭlku Igorevě Слово о плъку Игорєвѣ [The Tale of Igor’s Campaign] The Tal(Old East Slavic, late 12th century).

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