Award of the Tower’s Light

Awarded to Miriam bat Pessah (modernly known as Marilyn Finkelman)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2019-08-07

Be it known to all, both present and future, that We, Kasha and Ermenrich, by the grace of Their Royal Majesties, Baroness and Baron of Cynnabar, mindful of the many and praiseworthy services and kindnesses which you, Miriam bat Pessah, have always shown to Us, and wishing to show you special favor, We, therefore, by this charter, given on behalf of Us and Our successors, grant you Our Award of the Tower’s Light and therewith enfranchise you and make you free in every way, both now and in the future, from all tolls, bridge tolls, and municipal tolls, new and old, decreed or to be decreed, everywhere throughout all places under Our dominion, both by land and sea and on the river, and going from, staying at, or returning to the harbor. And whoever, against the tenor of this our charter, shall attempt to tax you, or your servants or messengers, or your goods or merchandise, let them know that they will have incurred without any remedy both Our anger and a penalty of a thousand marabotins. Let none countermand Our words.
Adapted from Grant of Trade Privileges to Barcelona (1231) by James I of Aragon (1208-1276).

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