Award of the Elephants Heart

Awarded to Sally of Red Spears (also known as Sally Wrenne) (modernly known as Sally Kakyoku)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2015-03-07

Hail, ye Givers! a guest is come;
where will she sit and share wisdom?
For harried is she who now at Our hearth
would seek for warmth and wellness.

She frets for water, who comes for refreshment,
thirsty and asking with thanks:
the mark of good will, and fame with fair worth,
and welcome once and again.

With raiment and arms friends gladden each other;
so have We proved with Our practice:
for friends last longest, if fate should let them,
who give and give again.

In recognition of her dedication to Cynnabar’s dance community and in token of Our friendship do We, Ermenrich and Kasha, Hersar of Cynnabar, grant to Sally of Red Spears the Award of the Elephant’s Heart.

Let none countermand Our words.

Text adapted from "Hávamál" from the Codex Regius (Old Norse, pre-13th century), translated by Olive Bray.

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