Award of the Elephants Heart

Awarded to Master Derian le Breton (modernly known as Brian Ferguson)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2016-12-10

Ermenrich and Kasha, by the grace of Their Majesties
Baron and Baroness of Cynnabar, to all by whom these
present messages shall be heard, greeting.

You see here Derian le Breton, who has served Us most
loyally. What glory We may have gained has been through
his means, and by his hand; on which account We wish to
reward him. We therefore give him Our Award of the
Elephant's Heart, without possibility of revoking it.

We and all the rest of Our people deem him a worthy
craftsman and teacher; and to increase his renown, and
furnish him withal to pursue his career of glory in Our
lands, We retain him henceforward in Our service, with
five hundred marcs of yearly revenue, which We will
secure to him from Our estates.

Let the people bear witness of this gift wheresoever and
whensoever they may be called upon. And let none
countermand Our words.

Text adapted from Book I of Chroniques by Jehan Froissart (c. 1337 - c. 1405).

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