Award of the Elephants Heart

Awarded to Oswynn Grønmand (formerly known as Quaggmyre Bushelfoote) (modernly known as Daniel Leonard)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2015-08-05

After Elephants have taken one to another once, they never change. For reported it is of one Elephant, that he cast a fancy and was enamored upon a woman in Egypt that sold nosegays and garlands of flowers. King Iuba likewise reporteth also of an Elephant that made court to another woman, who made and sold sweet ointments and perfumes. These Elephants testified their love and kindness by these tokens: joy they would at the sight of them, and look pleasantly upon them: make toward them they would by all means of flattery: and especially in this, that they would save whatsoever people cast unto them for to eat, and lay the same kindly in their laps and bosoms. But no marvel is it that they should love, who are so good of memory.

Oswynn, may you possess the unfailing faithfulness of the Elephant, who wholly devotes himself to that which he deems worthy of honor. Herewith do We, Ermenrich, Baron of Cynnabar, and Kasha, Baroness of Cynnabar, bestow upon you this day Our Award of the Elephant's Heart.

Let none countermand Our words.

Text adapted from Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder (c. 77-79), translated by Philemon Holland (1605).

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