Award of the Tower’s Light

Awarded to Anne Marie de Garmeaux (modernly known as Tracy DeGarmo)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2017-05-13

Inasmuch as it is right and fitting for every high-born lady
to exceed all others in wisdom, disposition, and behavior,
to the end that she may be an example to all persons, it is
meet that she have a stately carriage and dignified
bearing, her dress and attire rich but unaffected. Thus it is
worthy of any noble lady to betake her to some work,
sewing fine linen or silken apparel with rare broidery, for
such occupations are wise.

If every noble lady, and in truth every person, knew as well
as AnneMarie de Garmeaulx the value of this art, the more
would all persons be at pains to possess this skill, for no
precious jewel is there which can adorn them so well.

Mindful of the example this lady serves to Our daughters
and sons, and out of Our very great love for her, and the
desire that her great renown and honor may ever
increase, We, Kasha and Ermenrich, are moved to grant
unto AnneMarie de Garmeaulx Our Award of the Tower's

Let none countermand Our words.
Adapted from Le livre du duc des vrays amans by Christine de Pizan (1364 - c. 1430).

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