Award of the Elephants Heart

Awarded to Eliezer ben David (modernly known as Louis Finkelman)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2017-08-09

When King Arthur reigned over the country of Britain, he had in his company many brave and noble men. Of a sooth, there are even now, in Our court at Cynnabar, men of high fame and renown, such as may cause Us to recall those of old.

Of one such man will We, Kasha and Ermenrich, tell ye. Fair and skillful is he, proud and brave and valiant. Eliezer ben David is he called, and he has knowledge of many wise and wonderful things.

Friend, come and eat with Us. Then shalt thou tell Us what thou knowest, and thou shalt be Our man. And such covenant will We make with thee that thou shalt be counted among the most courteous of Our company, and We will grant unto thee Our Award of the Elephant’s Heart.

Let none countermand Our words.

Based on excerpts from “Tyolet” by Marie de France (fl. 1160-1215), as translated by Jessie L. Weston (c. 1900).

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