Award of the Elephants Heart

Awarded to Yaacov Ben haRav Eliezer (modernly known as Jacob Finkelman)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2017-08-09

He has a body of three fathoms,
and the appetite of a three-year old ox.
He wears three layers of armor,
and his cart is pulled by three bulls.
Whenever he grows angry,
he draws his bow
and releases his peach-bark arrow,
which pierces and transfixes his enemies
on the far side of the mountain.
He is not like any other man;
he was born a mighty warrior.
His name is Yaacov Ben haRav Eliezer.

He has battled against the enemy;
he has done honor to Cynnabar.
Tell the people all these things!
Say now that We, Ermenrich and Kasha,
give him Our Award of the Elephant’s Heart.

Let none countermand Our words.

Based on excerpts from Mongγol-un niγuča tobčiyan [The Secret History of the Mongols], written by an anonymous author in Mongolia sometime between 1227 and 1241.

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