Grant of Arms

Usually given to Great Officers of State after six months service in office, it is also given for distinguished and outstanding accomplishment in any area.

Society-level award; can be awarded by any kingdom

Name Date Received
Arianna Llwyd (modernly known as Marilee Lloyd) 1999-01-09 Details
Arianna Llwyd (modernly known as Marilee Lloyd) 2000-10-21 Details
Midair MacCormaic (modernly known as Charles Cohen) 2002-05-25 Details
Terryl MacAodhagain (modernly known as Terryl Sperlich) 2010-07-01 Details
Gregoire de Lyon (modernly known as Greg Less) 2014-03-29 Details
Ooyama Tarou Hideyasu (formerly known as Aelfric Greensword) (modernly known as Charles Shefferly) 2015-05-02 Details
Giovanna Adimari (modernly known as Anne Stevenson) 2017-04-08 Details
Jack Black of Flint (also known as Gavin Urquhart) (modernly known as Michael J. Reid) 2018-02-24 Details
Meisterinne Genoveva von L├╝beck (modernly known as Jennifer Marx) 2019-05-25 Details

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