Award of the Silver Tower of Cynnabar

Awarded to Hannah Schrieber (modernly known as Dawn [née Bender] Sinclair)

By the Barony of Cynnabar on 2016-08-16

Harken all good Ladies and Lords: hear Our words --
About one so fair: A noble lady inspires Us,
Who proves to be truly a shining example of
Purity, without any flaw:
Chaste honesty, graceful dignity,
A Benevolent nature.

Day and night did she
Do good in the community. Burdens borne,
Fair judgment given -- by one who knows how
To give help, consolation, and advice.

Her tenderness instills joy and happiness;
Constant, and rich in all virtues –
Even if Paris, Venice, Bruges, Damascus, and
Tripoli in the Arabic country would be totally covered
With pearls and gold, if Genoa would be filled with gems,
If Barcelona would entirely be made out of diamonds,
And Montpellier would consist of all kinds of art work,
Hannah still would be the one
Who would outshine all these treasures.

From the throng of those privileged came
Certain assent – unanimous in accord
That the company incomplete should incline
To gather another: a pearl precious,
A lantern, a beacon. To a lofty height!
The Silver Tower: now adorn, and be adorned.

Therefore hear Our words, We Ermenrich and Kasha,
Send them out quickly with urgent joy.
No further delay – Hannah Schreiber,
Come hence! Come hence! Our hands open to greet you.

Text by Lady Godaeth seo Wisfaest and Lady Aeffe Torsdottir (2016).

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