Aaron arms
Or, a drum between two bars wavy Gules.
Albina gherardi
Or, a cross between four mullets of eight points azure.
Alina of foxwood
Argent, two foxes combatant Gules, on a chief indented Vert three oak leaves Or.
Andrew faunce of sharsted %28sm%29 0
Argent, a bear's head couped Sable, muzzled Argent, between four holly leaves saltirewise Vert, all within a bordure nebuly Gules.
Duchess anne marie
Vert, a winged stag segreant Or, on a chief argent three fleurs-de-lys azure.
Arielle de pontoise
Per bend sinister Vert and Purpure, a bend sinister between two horses passant respectant Or.
Bjarki bjarnarson
Sable, a bear's pawprint Or.
Vert fretty argent, on a chief argent three ivy leaves vert
Simcha bat yonah
Or, a snail Gules and on a chief Sable three Jew's-hats of the field.
Duke dag
Tierced per pall argent, azure and sable, two dexter gauntlets clasped in chevron inverted argent and in chief a wolf's head caboshed sable.
Daibhid maclachlan %28sm%29
Gules, a lymphad Argent and a chief embattled Or.
Derianlebreton h
Vert, a sun in its glory argent and a chief ermine
Duke eli
Or, on a mullet of six points sable a griffin segreant contourny Or, as an argumentation on a chief embowed argent a pale gules, overall a dragon passant vert, in chief a coronet Or.
Finn finnegan o'flynn
Or, on a bend sinister between two mullets of four points sable, three towers palewise Or.
Winged heart
Vert, a heart gules winged argent within a bordure counter-compony gules and argent.
Giovanna adimari
Erminois, on a bend wavy Azure a beehive between two bees Or.
Greg less %28baron gregoire  not registered%29
Gules, a chevron checky Vert and Argent between two fleurs-de-lis and a pavillion Or.
Gules, a horse barry of ten sable and argent within a bordure embattled argent.
Gulli 0
Argent, a rat rampant within an orle Sable.
Hanne schreiber
Per chevron Purpure and Argent, a sun counterchanged.
Helena sibylla
Per pale vert and argent all semy-de-lys counterchanged.
Henry kersey of devon
Vert, a pair of shears bendwise inverted Or surmounted by a needle bendwise sinister argent threaded, a bordure dovetailed Or.
Jadzia arms
Gules, a clarion argent and a chief ermine.
Johnnae ilyn lewis
Argent, on a pale Azure between a pair of flaunches Vert, a thistle of three flowers Argent.
Kasha device
Argent, a garb vert within an orle of bowls azure
Magdalena vogelsang
Per pale Azure and Sable, a dove contourney Argent and a chief Ermine
Margarete of stirlingshire
Argent, two talbots addorsed rampant reguardant, tails coward, sable, and on a chief gules three mullets of four points argent.
Mathias of westlake
Per pale embattled Vert and Or a hand clenched Argent and an open book Sable.
Melisant saint clair
Sable, a chevron cotised Argent between three oak leaves Or.
Midair maccormaic %28sm%29
Argent, three torteaux, on a chief embattled Azure, two crescents Argent.
Psallite arms
Per pale azure and argent, a tambourine counterchanged.
Tairdelbach ua conaill
Gules, a dolphin haurient Or within a bordure compony Argent and Sable.
Tristan bartolo de la vega
Sable, a chess-knight and on a chief triangular Azure an escallop Argent
Gules, a bear passant sable.
Per pale azure and gules, a wolfs head cabossed and in chief two gouttes argent.
quarterly Or and Sable, a demi-Talbot passant gules